• China sints precision technology co.,ltd certification
  • China sints precision technology co.,ltd certification
  • China sints precision technology co.,ltd certification

QC Profile

Quality Objective

Project quality objectives 2,463 (months) Statistical units
1. Total completion rate ≥90% month Plan activation
2. The number of such products ≤2 times / month Department of Management
3. Number of customer complaints ≤5 times / month Department of Operations


Quality Policy

1,Full of goods : All officers should be fully devoted ISO9001 company in the establishment, implementation and maintenance, and the processes at work in the company's quality control of products, improve their quality consciousness.

2,Operating system : All personnel in the production process companies should follow the requirements of the ISO 9001 documents, and vertical and horizontal communication and boost production efficiency.

3,Continuous improvement : Skilled use cycle management model "plan (P)," Executive (D) "Inspection (C)" correct (a) "to the lowest point in exceptional control and improve production management, quality management, cost reduction unusual.

4,Customer satisfaction : All personnel involved in the whole process of quality management and control system, constantly improve the products and quality of services, to meet or exceed customer satisfaction, a greater broader market.

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