The size of Metal injection molding parts is developing to two extremes.

July 2, 2020

Micro mechanical or micro electro mechanical system(MEMS)is a new interdisciplinary that developed in late 1980s, it has been recognized as the one of key disciplinary with focuns on development in 21st century.The practical of Micro mechanical or micro electro mechanical system(MEMS rely on the progress of micro machining process, micro metal injection molding is the one of most effective way with batch high effective produce high precision and high performance micro metal or ceramics parts.
Metal micro injection molding process is a technology use MIM process produce micron size or micro structure metal and ceramics parts, generally, it indicated less than 1mm or local micron grade fine structure of precision parts.
At present, using appropriate fine powder,it can produced 25-50μm thickness, local structure less than 5μm, surface roughness greater than 2~3μm metal or ceramics parts.
The size of Metal injection molding parts is developing to two extremes, mircon size precision parts have a huge market capacity and development potential.The technology attached value of these mini parts is very high, such as fiber optic metal sets, laser catheters, printed circuit micro drill, microelectronic actuators and dental medical equipment these parts, the sales price of per kg is 4000~20000USD.
Micro metal injection molding has a widely application prospect in actuators, sensors, pocket consumer goods, weapons, aerospace, electronic assembly tools, oxygen analyzers, filters and health care equipment, etc.
The main obstacle of limit the development micro metal injection molding is precision micron mould manufacture, injection filling and the operation of small parts.
The mould of produced these high precision small parts is more precision than conventional